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Projects will be calculated on a by-word-price, where the number of words in the source text is counted. On this basis you can calculate your costs exactly.

The word price depends on simplicity, required research and quantity. Here is an overview of our net prices:

  • Average rate EUR 0.09 (including formatting in an equivalent layout)
  • Complex professional texts requiring much research, up to EUR 0.14
  • Texts with more than 3000 words may have a quantity discount, EUR 0.08 - 0.05 EUR
  • Certification EUR 6.00 per document (>= 8 documents, EUR 5,00 per document)

Books, unformatted text with more than 30 norm pages

Literary and non-fiction projects will be calculated in accordance with the norm contract defined by the translators' branch of the federation of German authors. Prices are calculated on the basis of norm pages of 30 lines with maximum 60 characters each.

Minimum order amount

The minimum order value is 30 Euro including VAT.

Urgent translations

Translations that must be finished on the same day the order is given may be billed with a surcharge.

Call us under 07031 3069525 or send us an email to for your personal price quote.